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That Bollywood sequence at the end of Mirror, Mirror random? Well..

When my friends and I went to watch Mirror, Mirror last night, weird things kept popping up that stood out to us. Now I’m a huge fan of Tarsem Singh and am accustomed to his style, but some of these things seemed to pop out at you on purpose. First, it was the vaguely Indian castle isolated on a cliff which looked oddly desolate and bare, then it was the bollywood sequence at the end, then it was how the story as a whole seemed to be about something we weren’t quite seeing. In all honesty, I hadn’t pieced it all together until checking up on the movie, and as it turns out, looks like Tarsem Singh did have ulterior motives for the movie:

Not often does Hollywood put out movies romanticizing tyrannicide and the assassination of foreign leaders of friendly countries, in this case India.  Julia Roberts is the wicked Queen, witch, and false pretender, but actually the stand-in for Indira Gandhi, with an uncanny resemblance of look and dress in the final scene (I wonder if anyone told her?).  This movie presents a romanticized and idealized version of how her assassination should have proceeded and should have been processed, namely in a triumphal manner with no reprisals but rather celebration and joyous union and love.  As the plot proceeds, you will find all sorts of markers of Sikh theology, including numerous references to daggers, hair, mirrors, water, immersions, submersions, bodily penetrations, transformations, the temple at Amritsar, dwarves who enlarge themselves, and the notion of woman as princess, among many others; director Tarsem Singh knows this material better than I do (read up on Sikh theology before you go, if you haven’t already).  The silly critics complained that the plot didn’t make sense, but from the half dozen or so reviews I read they didn’t even begin to understand the movie.

Without wishing to take sides on either the politics or the religion, I found this a daring and remarkable film.  The sad thing is that no one is paying attention.

This Review, (found here http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2012/04/mirror-mirror-calling-leo-strauss.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+marginalrevolution%2Ffeed+%28Marginal+Revolution%29 ) Isn’t the only one to make the connection. Here ( http://pinayredeemed.blogspot.com/2012/03/what-do-gayatri-devi-and-mirror-mirror.html ) Another reviewer goes so far as to name the similarities between Roberts’ Evil Queen and Indira Ghandi step by step!

What’s interesting is that after the movie, all of our criticisms kept coming back to ‘It felt like we were supposed to be watching a different story.’ I guess we were!

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